Why are My Students Struggling?

Increasing Academic Performance through Targeted Brain Development Techniques

If you are a teacher and have been wondering why your students are having such a hard time sitting still and learning...and if there anything you can do about it,

then watch this short video that I made for you that explains why.

Increasing Academic Performance Through Targeted Brain Development Techniques

As teachers, you are charged with the responsibility of growing brains, without having been taught anything about brain development.

ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Learning Disabilities, Coordination Disorders, and More

If you teach kids, this is for you!

In this course you will learn how the brain develops and how that development affects learning and how imbalances of the brain affect the academic areas of reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics.

You will learn specific activities to do with your students which promote centering, focus, and whole brain learning.

Develop the ability to assess and evaluate through noticing when working with your students and how to support them where they are individually and as a group.

You will have the opportunity to earn 2 credits of continuing education available through the University of San Diego (additional fee applies).

You will have access to discussion forms and live Q & A, so your questions are always answered.

Lisa Ann de Garcia is the founder of Whole Child Learning and Wellness, an educational and wellness center focusing on children who struggle with learning, behavior and motor issues. As a former educator/learning specialist of 25 years and a mother of an adult child with autism, she has learned a plethora of modalities that she blends in order to serve the needs of the whole child, including developmental mathematics, neurodevelopment, functional neurology, cognitive training, nutritional support, and energetic balancing.

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