Top Secrets for Helping Struggling Students Succeed!

Help your students reach their full potential.

There is a way to finally help your students overcome their learning or behavior challenges .

If you teach or work with a child who is struggling on any level, this is for you!

I have noticed in the last several years that there has been a huge increase in learning and behavior difficulties including focus, attention, hypersensitivities, anxiety, learning disabilities, to name a few, in schools and it significantly impacts the students ability to succeed both academically and socially.

My mission is to help you and colleagues to look at children with a different lens and equip you with the strategies that you need in order to make significant impacts on the children whom you serve.

Sign up today and I'll share with you:

•My top 5 secrets that no one is talking about and teachers are not taught about in college.

•What is really needed in order to impact the learning and behavior of our students

•Key elements needed for a healthy brain

•Simple changes you can make in your environment and daily routine

•Strategies in order to connect different parts of the brain

There is a lot of information in this mini-course that is going to knock your socks off! Tomorrow morning you will look at your students with an entirely different perspective.

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What you will Learn

  • Learn how the brain develops and how that development affects learning

  • Learn the effects of learning through movement

  • Understand how imbalances of the brain affect the academic areas of reading, writing, speaking, and mathematics

  • Learn the effectiveness of the three dimensions of learning

  • Support and nurture the learners innate and organic unfolding of skill and intelligence

  • Interconnect the 3 learning dimensions with movements to support their balance

  • Become skilled in the ability to access, develop and evaluate through noticing when working with a child or an adult

  • Explore a variety of neurodevelopmental movements and activities that support cognitive development and integrate them within their lesson plans and daily classroom routines

Lisa Ann de Garcia is the founder of Whole Child Learning and Wellness, an educational and wellness center focusing on children who struggle with learning, behavior and motor issues. As a former educator/learning specialist of 25 years and a mother of an adult child with autism, she has learned a plethora of modalities that she blends in order to serve the needs of the whole child, including developmental mathematics, neurodevelopment, functional neurology, cognitive training, nutritional support, and energetic balancing.

In addition to working privately with families, Lisa Ann also teaches workshops and courses to parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with struggling children.

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Whole Child Learning and Wellness

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